An Expert’s Guide to Styling Your Home for Sale

So, you’ve finished your renovation and now you’re ready to sell… But how do you style your home in order to attract potential buyers?

We spoke to former editor of Home Beautiful magazine, Wendy Moore, for her top tips for styling your home like a pro. 

Don’t forget the flooring

According to Wendy, the flooring of your home is incredibly important to the overall feel. “Flooring often doesn’t get considered. Yet, flooring can set the tone, the style, and the colour scheme for an entire room. Often people will update their rooms and not do the flooring, and that lets down the entire makeover,” she explains. So when you’re renovating take into account the use of the room and the different options from wood to tiles, carpet, vinyl and natural stone flooring.

Capture the natural light

The trend in architecture is to allow for more natural light, and Wendy says that’s something that buyers value. “When a lot of the houses that we live in were built in, even back in the ’80s, but definitely in the turn of the century, they were not designed to capture natural light, so it’s important when renovating to capture as much natural light as you can.” This could be through removing walls, changing window sizes or even just changing the curtains and blinds to allow for more light and airflow.  

Create flexible spaces

Houses on the market now need to have flexible layouts and be able to appeal to different buyers’ needs. From families with young children to multi-generational households and groups of adults sharing a space, today’s buyers have various needs. “At the moment, you need to create spaces that can be super flexible,” says Wendy, “That means little rooms aren’t as flexible and therefore don’t work as well [on the market].” Wendy adds that buyers are looking for homes they consider ‘future-proof’.

Styling homes for sale

Don’t forget greenery

One of the biggest interiors trends recently has been the use of plants inside and out. Incorporating plants when styling a home for sale can be very important for two reasons, says Wendy. “Obviously, there is an innate sense of calm that comes from being surrounded by greenery; You feel calmer, you feel fresher, your mind clears. The other thing that I think that plants do is it bring a room or a home to life instantly. They make it feel more relaxed and welcoming, and they make you feel like you actually belong there. It’s a great design trick from that point of view.” Plants are also a great way of adding colour to a room without cluttering it.

Call in the experts

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