Insider Tips for Renovating your Home and Saving Money

If you spent the majority of 2020 stuck at home, with more time than ever before to scrutinise the areas of your home you'd renovate before you sell, then this article is for you. You can change the potential sale price of your property with just a few simple changes, the trick is to know what they are.

To get some insider advice, we're taking cues from the 2014 series winners of The Block, Kyal and Kara, who know a thing or two about renovations. Here are their top tips for renovating and saving money (and some of our YPP tips too!)

Cut building costs by living at home
"If you want to get into that renovation straight away, consider living on site while doing your own renovation. If you can come up with an overall plan and live there, you're going to save money because you're not renting somewhere else. Take that bottom line off your building costs, and avoid forking out unnecessary money on renting if you can already live in the home that you own."
YPP Tip: If your renovation for sale is too extensive, we can help you get it done faster and can help you save money by using our little black book of tradies to get better rates.

Add value through adjusting small details
"When we first tried to add value to a property, we had a very limited budget. So to add instant value on a smaller budget we focused on the smaller tasks that can significantly change the appearance and value of a home. That includes paintwork, maybe doing the floor coverings and window coverings."
YPP Tip: We agree! Painting your home is one of the best things you can do before you sell it. But make sure you understand the colour scheme and design that you should use in order to sell your home faster. Buyers are looking for certain things, so make sure you accommodate them. We can help with this!


Ask the professionals if you can help with small tasks
 "If you're going to do anything yourself, you've got to evaluate whether it’s better off going to work and getting the professionals in or considering if you can do it yourself on the weekend. Evaluate the overall tasks that need doing, keep an open mind and talk to the trades and the builders about how flexible they can be. So, ask if there's anything you can do for your trades or your builder to speed up the process and cut costs. Even if that’s just keeping the site clean, you can help keep the renovation on track to finish on time."
YPP Tip: This is great advice. A lot of our clients choose us because they can't take time off (or don't want to) in order to project manage a complicated renovation for sale. We are able to make sure everything happens on time and within budget where possible. 

Put your own personal touch on the property
"Never has it been a more opportune time for people to create a sanctuary in their own home. They're spending more time at home and they can't go on holidays so they’re putting that holiday money back into the house and creating the Australian dream. When you renovate your home you should feel like your own, personal dream, not someone else’s. To really love your home, it needs to feel personal and as though it reflects your own taste."
YPP Tip: We agree that our homes are our havens, that's why when you renovate for sale the best thing you can do is create an opportunity for people to put their own stamp on the property once they buy it. Don't leave anything too personal hanging around, such as photos or mementos; it's best to create a 'clean slate' for your buyer to imagine their life in. 

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