The Most Important Areas in Any Home

Between work and socialising we may not spend a lot of time in our houses, however, we still want our homes to feel like our own personal ‘haven’ when we walk through the door. So when you are renovating for sale, it’s important to understand which areas potential buyers gravitate to on open day. These three rooms below can make or break any property and can be the difference between being on the market for a few weeks and being on the market for months.

The Kitchen

In the Australia, kitchens are the central focus of the home. In fact, a survey done by the Real Estate Buyers Association of Australia found that an important factor when buying a house was open-plan living spaces. Why? The main reason being you could still chat while cooking, which can be especially important to young families.

This couldn’t be more different to 10 years ago when market research had developers discussing whether to swap kitchens for kitchenettes (like in London) or remove kitchens altogether in new builds due to the cafe culture (as in New York). However, Australian culture still dictates that kitchens are for entertaining, cooking and eating. With healthy eating now so important, it’s a great place to involve your kids with cooking, getting them familiar with cooking different foods.

If you are thinking of renovating to sell, the kitchen is a very important part to consider in a property and if done in a great way, could potentially maximise profits! Read more in this article to find out why the kitchen is the most important room in the Australian home.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are the second most important room in the home. They are spaces where family members can have alone time, prepare for the day or provide sanctuary to relax and have a soak. Bathrooms are where we start and finish the day and when renovated wisely can add considerable value to a property.

Several choices need to be made when it comes to bathrooms, depending on the occupants of the home and the size and space available. For example, do you need a bath as well as a shower? Should you have two sinks or one? And is there enough space to have it all? The creation of the perfect bathroom therefore rests on great design, clever use of light and the illusion of space.

To maximise profits when renovating to sell, a bathroom should have a simple, but efficient layout, decorated using white or neutrals. Even the smallest changes can increase the price of the sale and you don’t need to spend a lot to make big improvements! You can find out more about the importance of designing the perfect bathroom in this article.


Entertaining Areas

Open-plan entertainment areas are becoming more and more popular, with space optimisation being especially important. If you would like to read more about useful design tips for the ultimate entertainment room you may find this article useful, or head over to the metricon website to get some much needed inspiration for your next living room project!

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