The Importance of the Bathroom for Your Home’s Value

Facts are fun, so wouldn’t it be great if we knew how long we spent in the bathroom in our lifetimes - well someone, somewhere has actually discovered the answer to our question! According to research, we spend on average a year and a half in the bathroom over the course of our lives… that’s a long time! Knowing this, we may think twice about leaving the bathroom till last when renovating!

In this post, we are going to dig deeper into the importance of the bathroom in the Australian home, because let’s face it you probably haven’t actually taken the time to think about this before… other than for the obvious reasons!

A Personal Retreat

Due to the current era of open-plan places, Australian homeowners have now realised that the bathroom is very important when it comes to achieving some privacy in the home, especially when living with a large family. Founder of Minosa, an interior design company, Darren Genner states “We’ve knocked down the walls in all the other rooms so that we’re sharing space with everyone most of the time, so people are now spending more time and money tocreate better bathrooms.” Let’s be honest, we think up all our best ideas and win so many arguments that have been and gone when in the shower or having a good soak in the bath!

Can your bathroom add value to your property?

If we’re able to, we’re now wanting to spend more money within the bathroom to give it that little extra touch of personality, especially when we’re using it as a getaway in the home. Genner states that “fancy shower heads, integrated speakers, feature baths and, most importantly, good lighting” are being used to ensure you’re not having to vacate the bathroom any time soon.

Homebuyers are on the look-out for modern bathrooms, therefore spending money on updating your bathroom can do wonders to the value of your home and can set you apart from others in the market. However, if you are renovating to sell your home it’s best not to go too crazy spending money on a redesign because it may not pay out when you finally go to sell your home - keeping it simple but modern can still be done on a budget!

Keeping all the family happy!

For the more obvious reasons, although it has to be said that the bathroom is so important - we take it for granted that we’re able to wash, brush our teeth and go to the toilet all in one place. It’s such an important place in the home and needs to be thought about deeply when buying a home; does it have a shower? Does it also have a bath (to wash the dog off, or to bathe your little ones)? Does it have more than one sink? Everyone has their preferences and when keeping the peace in the home it’s vital that everyone is happy!

If you are in the process of deciding whether to renovate your bathroom or even your home, we’ve found a useful timeline to help you get started - find it here.

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