Why our Bedrooms are so important to us

According to research, we spend an average of 26 years of our lives asleep and even though you’re not conscious, that’s a lot of time spent in the bedroom! Your bedroom is important, it’s the place that should feel most comfortable, warm, cosyand your safe haven from the outside world. It’s where you can watch Netflix in peace or bury your head into a good book, amongst other things. Let’s look a little closer as to whythe bedroom is an important space in the Australian home...


A place to unwind, undisturbed

If you are a parent or part of a large family, the bedroom is often a space where you can escape and do whatever you want without the disruption from other people. Australian bedrooms have evolved over time with many now including the very popular ensuite.This takes pressure of the larger families having to share one main bathroom and also allows parents and teens to enjoy their private space in the bedroom.

The key to a good night's sleep

Eight hours sleep a day is key for optimal functioning and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the bedroom needs to serve the purpose of being clean and relaxing enough for you to forget about the stresses of life and drop off to sleep easily - a decluttered, tidy and loved bedroom will make you feel at ease and increase the likelihood of you getting off to sleep quickly, rather than a dirty and cluttered room.

Sufficient Storage

Everyone values storage in the home and particularly in the bedroom. Our clothes need a place to live, and in in most cases we have either a built in wardrobe or freestanding wardrobe in our bedrooms, unless we are lucky enough to have a large dressing room with walk-in wardrobes (we can dream). Sufficient storage is paramount, especially when you have your other half to battle with. Not only is storage a place to house your clothes, it also de-clutters your space and therefore contributes to the calm atmosphere of your bedroom - a clean room equals a clean mind!

Appearance and style

Colour schemes also have a massive impact on our sleep and to promote a peaceful atmosphere it’s better to go for pastel colours.Some people prefer a theme in their bedroom as it adds to the feeling of ‘having your life together’. Therefore, having a theme can add the notion of calm, relaxation and joy for some, promoting an appealing place to vacate to if the world is getting a bit much!

Lighting plays a massive part in the design of a bedroom. During daylight hours, you want a bright and airy room to fully enjoy the space. As soon as the sun goes down, you need a dark room, ensuring that you get the quality sleep that you deserve.

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