The Your Property Profits Story: Who are we?

After renovating and developing properties for many years, Your Property Profits directors Sophie and Kim decided to join forces and start a business together. Why? Well, during their time as property developers they had noticed a worrying trend.

“We were seeing dozens of properties up for sale that were not renovated or even cared for,” explains Sophie, co-director of Your Property Profits. “We realised people were walking away from tens of thousands of dollars because they lacked the skill, time, knowledge and money needed to get their home looking its best and selling for its highest price.”

Selling your home for more
So, with the intention of helping people sell their homes faster and for the best price with no upfront cost, Kim and Sophie started Your Property Profits.

Their goal? To use their knowledge and experience to make sure their clients don’t leave any money on the table by selling an unrenovated property.

“We find many of our clients just don’t have the time or the energy to invest in renovating; others are nervous about overcapitalising and some are interstate and can’t manage a renovation from a distance by themselves, such as with deceased estates,” explains Kim, co-director of Your Property Profits. “And a lot of our clients simply don’t have the available funds to get the house looking its best ahead of selling.”

That’s why Sophie and Kim decided to do something different with Your Property Profits: something that would make renovating accessible to every one of their clients. They decided to cover all the upfront costs of the renovation for their clients so they can sell their home faster and for a higher price. In fact, no payments are due until settlement (conditions apply).

Renovate to sellYour Property Profits’ clients are people in many different circumstances including those looking to sell and get the best price from a sale, homes that have been up for sale for many months and not yet sold, households struggling in the current market who need to sell and move on, families finding it hard to meet mortgage repayments through lost employment, and the loss of a loved one, where a deceased estate is involved.

We also offer the most professional kitchen renovations Canberra wide, home renovations ACT property owners recommend, as well we provide the most cost efective bathroom renovations Canberra has to offer.

So whether you want to sell quickly for personal, financial or investment reasons; or you’re just looking to downsize, Kim and Sophie offer a range of options to help. Interested? Find out more, or contact us for a chat about your home.